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Illustration of Rave dancers under lights
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Fitness Rave @ Grand Elektra

A high energy exercise classed based on the old skool rave moves. Learn how to feed the chickens and do the lawn mower. It’s the best night out without the hangover.

Fitness Rave 
Map of Fairlight Hastings showing icons for local amenities
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Your area but not as you've seen it before

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Aerial view of Christ Church, London Road, St Leonards
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St Leonards Conservation Area Appraisal

We are consulting on the proposed St Leonards Conservation Area Appraisal. Let us know what you think of the proposals before 4pm on Monday 10 December 2018.

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photograph of Councillor Peter Chowney on the seafront
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Council Leader's column - 02/11/2018

Although Hastings is no longer a port, we have a long maritime tradition dating back more than a thousand years....

Latest Leader's column 
photograph of Bottle Alley at night taken from the Pier
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Bottle Alley Lightshow

The daily 10 minute light show starts at 7pm. The extended half hour light show on Friday also starts at 7pm

Watch now 
illustration of a hand holding a voting ballot paper
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Annual household canvass

Your vote matters. Don't lose it. Look out for our household enquiry forms which will be delivered to your property over the next few days.

Your vote matters 
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Council services online

My Hastings is open around the clock, so why not save yourself some time by doing it online? Set up a My Hastings account today, its quick and easy!

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