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Private Housing

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Advice for Leaseholders

Leasehold ownership of a flat is basically a long tenancy, which gives you the right to occupy and use the flat for the term of the lease (normally 99 to 125 years).

The leasehold usually applies to everything within the walls of the flat, including floorboards and plaster to the walls and ceiling but will not usually apply to external or structural walls, which will be the responsibility of the Freeholder.

If you buy a flat, you will usually be buying leasehold.

On top of your mortgage, as a leaseholder you may have to pay some extra charges to the Freeholder.  These may include ground rent, service charge and reserve funds (to pay for major works in the future such as replacing a roof).

Leases can be complicated.  If you are thinking of buying a leasehold or are confused about your current lease, it may be worth contacting your solicitor or agencies such as Shelter and the Leasehold Advisory Service.

The Housing Information Point at Renaissance House can offer advice, assistance and signposting. Please note that we do not provide a specialist leaseholder service.

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Your Rights and Responsibilities as a Tenant

It's important you protect yourself as a tenant by reading up on the rules and laws on tenancies and responsibilities before you enter into any agreement.

The Department for Communities and Local Government has some useful advice, called Tenants' Rights and Responsibilities.

This will help you understand your rights as a tenant, your landlord's responsibilities and also your responsibilities as a good tenant.

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Stamp Duty Relief

If you're thinking about buying a home in certain wards in Hastings and St Leonards, you could qualify for Stamp Duty relief.

You could be exempt from Stamp Duty if you're buying a property valued up to £150,000.  Visit the HM Revenue and Customs website for more information.

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Letting your home

If you're considering letting your home for the first time, you may find it useful to read the Department for Communities and Local Government's guidance on Letting your home.

This guidance explains the relevant laws, gives information on the length of tenancies, serving notice, your responsibilities as a landlord and your tenants responsibilities.

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