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Hastings Cultural Regeneration Strategy 2010-15

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What is the Hastings Cultural Regeneration Strategy?

The Hastings Cultural Regeneration Strategy aims to bring about a cultural renaissance in Hastings and St Leonards that will be enjoyed by local people and visitors alike.  It also aims to use culture as an effective way to create a healthy local economy, stronger communities and to raise aspirations of the town's residents.

The Hastings Cultural Regeneration Strategy also sets out how, over 2010-2014, our town can capitalise on the investment of public money in the Jerwood Gallery and the Stade.

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What are are objectives of the Hastings Cultural Regeneration Strategy and how we will achieve them?

The Hastings Cultural Regeneration Strategy has 7 objectives.

Objective One:

To transform the town's cultural infrastructure, historic townscape and general appearance, by developing new cultural venues, improving existing venues, maintaining historic buildings, and enhancing the seafront and the public realm around the town centres.

How will we achieve this?

  • Work with new and existing venues so Hastings is able to offer both residents and visitors good cultural activities throughout the year.
  • Encourage the development of our cultural centres in St Leonards, Hastings and Hastings Old Town.
  • Promote improvements to buildings and new developments by encouraging private and public investment.  Seek private and public investment in the seafront and promote public art to enhance the look of the public places.

Objective Two:

To develop, strengthen and promote exciting and high quality performing and visual arts.

How will we achieve this?

  • Recognise and make effective use the wealth of talent and expertise in music, the visual and performing arts in Hastings, and work with these artists to make what we have more visible, to promote quality, and to enable artists and communities to create new work together.

Objective Three:

To develop a year round programme of cultural activities, professional and community based, linking with the new Stade facilities.

How will we achieve this?

  • The Stade next to the new Jerwood Gallery will become a high quality space for outdoor activities.  A new building alongside will provide indoor facilities for the community.  We will work with others to create a diverse year-round programme of cultural activities for local people and visitors.
  • High quality launch events on the Stade in 2011 to attract a large and diverse audiences, both local and national.
  • Professional organisations, performing artists and businesses, independent and commercial galleries and educational providers will work together to put on a year-round programme of indoor and outdoor public events at the Stade.

Objective Four:

To develop and brand the town as a major cultural destination on the South Coast, building on Hastings' distinctive identity and using the Jerwood Gallery and Stade as the catalyst.

How will we achieve this?

  • Develop an identity that promotes Hastings' contemporary culture as well as the heritage of the town for which it is internationally known.
  • Targeted marketing to put Hastings at the centre of a comprehensive 'cultural coast' experience, linking the town's culture to 1066 Country, the Towner in Eastbourne, the De La Warr Pavilion and elsewhere, encouraging visitors to spend longer than just a day here.
  • Ensure that everyone enjoys their time in Hastings, maximising the economic benefit to the town.

Objective Five:

To increase business activity and create employment through a successful visitor economy and the growth of creative industries.

How will we achieve this?

  • Attract the development of appropriate accommodation, retail offer and cultural activities and help businesses to position themselves to make the most of the new visitor economy.
  • Support creative businesses to survive and grow, identify and promote appropriate business training and support business networking.
  • Promote Hastings Old Town, Central St Leonards and Hastings Town Centre as cultural quarters, and work with UCH and SCCH and partners to provide appropriate skills for those seeking employment and working in the creative industries.

Objective Six:

To work with local people to lead, organise, participate in and enjoy a wide range of cultural activities locally and town wide.

How will we achieve this?

  • Widen the opportunities for more residents to participate in celebratory activities that reflect the life, interests and aspirations of their communities and neighbourhoods.  We will commission, directly or indirectly, artists and arts organisations to work with local people from established and emerging communities in different places and neighbourhoods in the town.

Objective Seven:

To enable local people, particularly those who are disadvantaged, to raise their aspirations and skills through participation in cultural related activities, education and training.

How will we achieve this?

  • Using local networks we will build links between particular courses, and the wider cultural programme, so that groups of students and individuals are able to participate in the programme and benefit from the opportunities it offers.  We will build on and develop the relationship between the museums and schools and make the most of the opportunities offered by Jerwood and the new Stade facilities.

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Download Hastings Cultural Regeneration Strategy 2010 – 2015

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